Read the article, don't say you don't cut?

by:WJPC     2021-01-24
Wangjing small make up today for everyone to explain how to cut! First of all, in the attitude of his right hand card, but above the thumb and middle finger ring finger to move to the right, basically in the up and down on the right side of the end of the emperor's will hold the card. Finger out, hold the emperor left thumb on the top and cooperate together, on the upper part of buck up and left rotation Angle. Left hand open, with jaws clamped up buck in the upper left corner, will buck clip out, and then put the right hand buck in upper part, cut finish. Extension: swing is a cut off to the above method, only the left hand after clip out buck is not on the top right hand buck, but like the side cut put right hand buck left hand below the buck. In order to facilitate everybody to learn by watching them, I cut the swing card picture together. 2, rotating cut ( Swivle削减) His right hand and left hand palm upward, vertical plane of the left thumb thumb in the emperor's lower left side pushed up half buck, at the same time on a shaft middle finger and rotate 180 degrees to the left to make this part of the CARDS fall form in the left hand left hand shape, then the right hand into the left palm buck, buck cut finish. 3, composite cut ( 摇摆旋转切割) So-called composite cut, is to cut the swing in front of the card and rotary cut, swing cut method is cut in the top one-third of the buck to the left hand, and then by rotating cut method, cut the rest half of the card to the left, then right hand rest on the left hand buck buck. In fact, the basic action can make a lot of cool techniques, the oneself can innovation, such as rotary cutting to swing cutting first, or two swing cutting pick a rotating cutting, of course, these aims to the topic, you can be any combination yourself like any skill, create their own personality action oh cool:) 4, desktop oriented cut as shown in figure as a pile of a pile of cut card from my hand to the desktop, every time need to be aware of is cut, fold it with a right hand to the desktop, left hand wrist rotate 90 degrees downward at the same time, it has two advantages, one is to get out of the way the right hand to the desktop card path, make cut action look clean, the second is to do some special control action, such as a cut for desktop control top card ( Introduced later) And so on.
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