Round of poker, have you ever seen?

by:WJPC     2021-02-11
In the usual life, we see the' target='_blank'>poker is generally rectangular, size of 57 * 88 mm, it is suitable for Chinese people to the size of the palm of poker, there are 63 * 88 mm size of international poker, this poker for magic and more fancy performance. Don't know if you have seen a round of poker, this so-called round the card used to make a game card making more actually, and playing CARDS is relatively rare. This round of poker by the wangjing company independent design and production, appearance and lovely cartoon, specially designed for children. The diameter size of 80 mm, very suitable for children to play. In addition, using the paper as the material, printing effect is good, design is clear, no color difference, together with lovely style, loved by children. CARDS with heaven and earth color box packaging, brightly colored and beautifully designed, plus special touch the dumb surface treatment, not only can protect the surface is not damaged, also greatly improved the products. The circular card can be used to play in everyday life, not only to give gifts also is very good choice, both advertising promotion, fair and public relations planning, can be used. And this is a specially designed for children card, safe environmental protection, this card type of learning styles are more popular in our daily life, look at those lovely figure, most of the children make it easier to accept, can let them have strong interest in learning, all say interest is the best teacher for children, this is true, had the interest, children need not taught himself will take the initiative to go to study. The card is lets the child learn learning happy and have a good time, this novel method can let the child experience in learning to play, play in the study, kill two birds with one stone, parents also don't have to worry about how to play and time with children. And learn card is convenient to carry, anytime, anywhere, want to learn in school.
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