serial killer leaves a playing card

by:WJPC     2020-06-08
After gunmen attacked Madrid, the Spanish capital, for the third time, fears of a serial killer known as a \"playing card killer\" are spreading, killing a man, and seriously hurt a woman who was apparently randomly selected.
The bodies of his two victims found two playing cards, believed to be Romanian immigrants, who were shot dead in a park on the outskirts of the city.
These two cards are three and four sets called cups in the traditional Spanish card bag.
Three were left on the ground next to the woman, and four were held up next to the man\'s body.
The woman was shot in the head and arm.
She was in the intensive care unit yesterday and the doctor said her condition was serious but stable.
Four cards, all of them of the same suit, are now found next to the victim of an apparently random night --
Shooting in Madrid in the past two months
The ace of the cup is placed 28-year-
Six weeks ago, an old man was shot dead while waiting for a bus in the city center.
The two cups were found 10 days ago next to a student Eduardo Saras when he was hit-
In the early morning, when he walked along a deserted street, he was blank.
Mr. Saras survived the attack but was still in hospital yesterday.
The bullet ran through his cheek and neck.
Police said yesterday they were investigating a serial killer on the grounds he was working.
A senior official told the World newspaper: \"This is a major change in the investigation.
There is enough evidence to suspect that Madrid is mentally ill.
\"While Mr. Salas is from Ecuador, there is no evidence that the killer was specifically targeted at immigration.
His first victim was Spanish man Carlos Martin, who worked as a cleaner at Madrid\'s Barajas airport.
Both victims were hit in the back of the head on Tuesday. -
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