Shenzhen poker manufacturers share poker cold knowledge

by:WJPC     2021-02-21
The early European playing CARDS number, unlike now, now the 54th hundreds of vice heard that invented by the French. 1. Now there were 52 playing CARDS in real, it is because there are fifty-two weeks in a year; 2. CARDS are divided into diamonds, hearts, spades, plum blossom pattern, four is divided into the spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons in a year, 3. Playing CARDS is 13 pieces, each pattern is due to each season contains 13 weeks; 4. If the check points of each pattern ( The & other; J” As eleven o 'clock, & other; Q” Word as twelve o 'clock, & other; K” As ten at 3 o 'clock) At eleven o 'clock, just nine, because each time an average of ninety-one days; 5. The four figure points together, plus half of each big wang, total points three hundred and sixty-five, and the total number of days of a year (the same Leap year is big wang as a little) ; 6. Playing CARDS in the J, Q, K, twelve, show that there are twelve months in a year, this is due to the sun in one year after twelve constellation; 7. As for CARDS are divided into two color red and black, suggests that during the day and night. 8. Four patterns of playing CARDS have different meaning that: said on behalf of the four professional ( Spades & ndash; Spear logo warrior, the plum flower & ndash; 3 leaf flower logo agriculture, square & ndash; Tile mark artisans, red peach & ndash; Sign of hearts pastor) , said today (Monday) from divination implements patterns, Spades & ndash; Olive leaf symbol peace, red peach & ndash; Hearts logo, wisdom and love, clubs & ndash; Clover means luck, square & ndash; Diamond logo wealth) 。 9. Playing CARDS in the J, Q, K is jack ( Follow) qeen ( The queen) 王( The king) , respectively, representing the twelve characters in history, for example: spades K K on behalf of the king of Israel, square represents Caesar of the Roman empire, the plum blossom K Alexander the great of Macedonia, hearts K represents the Charlemagne in France, they respectively are Hebrew of the middle ages, the Roman empire, the Roman and Greek four kingdoms monarch.
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