Tarot is right?

by:WJPC     2021-02-10
Ladies and gentlemen, before discuss why the tarot quasi, small make up think it is necessary to introduce to you a brief idea of genius & lsquo; Jung & rsquo; ( Carl Gustav Jung) 。 Jung was Freud's students find the best one, he inherits the theory of Freud's subconsciousness, and expand, divided into & lsquo; Personal unconscious & rsquo; And & lsquo; Group the subconscious & rsquo; 。 Jung pioneered by groups depicted is subconscious & lsquo; Humans have universal mind function, it can pass through the method of genetic, accept jia ancient times the subconscious mind. ’ This jia ancient period of the unconscious, jung called & lsquo; Group the subconscious & rsquo; 。 And the mind of the common human function, is the so-called & lsquo; Prototype & rsquo; 。 In addition, jung and idea in the academic circles, the first to face the soul, the occult and all sorts of phenomenon of the master mind. He began in the early 20th century touching Taoism in China and Tibet of thoughts, the Vatican which made him more improve ideological level, beyond the mind of the other contemporary scholar, eventually more derived from the I ching push & lsquo; Synchronic principle & rsquo; ( 同步) 。 Synchronic principle is put forward, puts out the causal theory of the many western ideas can illustrate the phenomenon, and supply the augury, tarot, astrology and the occult a reasonable elucidated. Get back to topic, refer to jung's theory, we can connect the tarot as human & lsquo; Group the subconscious & rsquo; And flash & lsquo; Prototype & rsquo; Thing, it can help us put these subconscious image visualization and answer, again through tarot divination division stated that it conveys to the imago in wisdom. According to the principle of synchronic stated that the world is full of meaningful by accident, and many seemingly accidental hidden are really wonderful. Two things seemingly unrelated, are part of the body. By such contact, we can know that out of the card, to work, and must be asked only of Nostradamus capability is enough, can find the card with the parties related, and make appropriate recommendations. Therefore, we in the use of tarot CARDS, can need not to worry no problem, just under the auxiliary of intuition and faithfully expounds card matrix. The brand essence and raise brand in our understanding the tarot why prospective in the future, will disappear. A healthy and positive attitude, we can be used to using the tarot CARDS, and so as to explore our life.
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