teach dog to read basics

by:WJPC     2020-06-23
Teach dogs to read? Can it be done? Yes, it can.
You can teach dogs to read.
What do you want?
Although Fido will never read books or magazines, his ability to understand written writing as an order may come in handy.
Teaching dog reading skills can help you to read under special circumstances.
Life tends to throw curve balls.
Maybe one day you have difficulty talking.
Maybe you\'re just a sore throat and you can\'t call your dog.
Or your situation is more serious.
More likely, your dog may lose hearing one day.
My dog lost most of her at 14.
I\'m communicating with her now with gestures, but I\'m also teaching her to read.
Teaching dogs to read instructions is not as complicated as you think. The step-by-
The process of teaching dogs to read is very simple.
Here are the steps to teach dogs to read: 1.
First, do some flash cards.
For the best results, please use a blank sheet of paper with 8X11 sheets.
Write down the words you want the dog to understand in big letters.
Down, for example. 2.
Get your dog\'s attention now.
Hold the flash card with one hand behind the back and the other with a gift or ball or whatever your dog likes best.
Let your dog stand in front of you. 3.
Show your dog the paper with the words on it. 4.
A second after the dog sees the flash card, say the word on the card.
Your dog should see the newspaper before you say the word, but don\'t wait too long.
Don\'t look at your dog.
Eye contact can be distracting.
Look at the flash card. 5.
Make sure you\'re still holding the flash card paper.
Keep your fingers away from the letters of the word.
Keep quiet. Wait. 6.
When your dog does what you want it to do (
Lie down in this example
Say it right away, yes!
In a very high place.
The sound of excitement.
Hide the card behind your back and reward your dog with hospitality or a combination of toys and glowing compliments. 7.
Repeat steps 1 to 6 times.
Repeat for the fourth time, if your dog responds well to your verbal order, just hold the card, but don\'t say the word.
Please give the order if your dog looks confused.
After your dog obeys, start over and repeat until your dog does what you want without your command.
Work a few minutes a day until your dog replies to the card separately.
When this happens, use your compliments to go above and beyond the top.
The dog likes praise and will try to get it.
Once your dog knows a word, you can go to another word.
When you have mastered dog training techniques that teach dogs to read, you will be able to teach your dogs to respond in any case.
You will also impress your friends.
So it\'s fun to teach dogs to read.
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