Teach the baby to read you must pay attention to the item?

by:WJPC     2021-02-22
When the baby and mother walking down the street hand in hand, the baby can pointed to what he saw signs, billboards, milk and milk gas to read what is that word, mother must be very with a sense of accomplishment! Just, before the baby mom and dad to teach literacy, remember to understand clearly the following considerations. First, must have the common heart, don't know how many words can't, not to mention and neighbors or preschool age children comparing, it will hurt the child's self-esteem; Second, the literacy as a game, not as a task, do not set quota, can recognize how much calculate how much; Third, listen to adults have word from first picture book. From parents and children watching a picture book, gradually transition to read the sentences on each page together, then he followed was asked to look at, say, is not necessarily a word one word at a time. Fourth, for he is a bit & other; Words throughout the &; After the concept of reoccupy reading CARDS. In general literacy CARDS have the same two best, the front of the word, opposite is the figure, in an effort to bring word. Fifth, learn 200 words or so, can you spell a word, and then synthesis of sentences. Such as: west, melon, watermelon, eating watermelon, I eat watermelon. Sixth, children are interested in to teach him to read and write, not reluctantly, otherwise will only backfire.
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