The benefits of white space on the back side of CARDS printed?

by:WJPC     2021-02-01
Both market poker or advertising poker, intentional friends will be able to find, a lot of poker back with white lace. What causes of playing CARDS printed on the back of the need to stay white edge. Originally in card printing, white edge there is some benefits: a, can reduce or avoid the impact of off color gives a person. Now the printing technology can not completely solve the problem of poker on the back of the color difference. Add a white border, produce a feeling of visual error, this color is not easy to be found, or may not seem obvious. In fact, there is a color difference. Second, the flash looks less ugly. As you know, just printed CARDS is no burrs. But in the process of playing, as people are constantly shuffle process burrs will occur. Flash phenomenon refers to the color of the edge off on the back of poker, to show the color of the paper itself. This also can't avoid, unless you don't play, play will appear burrs. If on the back of the color is deep, or and paper color difference is bigger, the flash is very obvious, is very ugly. Because the paper is white, so poker printing just add a white border, it is not easy to see this kind of phenomenon of burrs. This is the benefits of white edge. White edge also has some disadvantages, however, is the poor edge looks will be more obvious. Side sent to factor is bigger, can be reduced as far as possible, compared to both take the light, so we still lay particular stress on with white lace. And, of course, if you can design very well, actually also can not white. For example, as a whole with white background, or use white is close to the color of the back, as far as possible let color piece more, huge impact, let off color and burrs is not easy to be found that is feasible. This depends on the designer, the understanding of the CARDS printed.
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