The card game, meow meow Wolf kill!

by:WJPC     2021-01-27
Speak of the Wolf and killed everyone not unfamiliar, a lot of people have played, its exciting game let many people fondle admiringly. Today to introduce you to the game, called 'meow meow werewolf killed', to name just think style is very cute, yes, this is wangjing company on the basis of the werewolf killed the independent design and production of a new type of card tables, although its design comes from a werewolf killed, but in the game and card types and there are different, this design makes the players don't lose the newness. The board game card size is 63 & times; 88 mm, in line with international poker size. The card surface treated with unique embossing process, has the obvious FuDiaoGan, greatly increase the print stereo feeling and artistic appeal, make the card more have qualitative feeling, increased the product class. Card edge treated with iron roses in phnom penh, noble texture, color bright, trimming more tidy and does not hurt the hand feel is smooth, smooth shuffle. Using special packaging gift box, a class is higher, the product more beautiful. After embossing processing, design more beautiful, more clear grain. Its internal and specially designed within close, packaging more stable, better protection card, and convenient to carry. This card on the basis of the original expanded more CARDS, including civilians, werewolves, prophet, sheriff 20 multiple roles, as well as the unique necromancer, the undead, scarecrow, this is only meow Wolf people in some roles. The card design is given priority to with lovely kitten, excitation of painting style, men and women killed, fit into the pit. In addition, the new joined the unique showtime, doesn't increase the burden, not lengthen the night step, is a kind of is added is a new type of playing CARDS, to master, the other place even more exciting, let everybody has the potential to be the focus of all! All in all, this kind of board game card style is novel, beautifully designed, is definitely worth into the pit!
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