The card printing process?

by:WJPC     2021-01-31
Paper processing: semi-finished products of paper surface coated with cool dry coating, then laminating pressing drying by smooth mirror steel belt, and coated with cast coated material, increase the paper gram weight and brightness, and then in the middle of the two layers of paper clip into the blue, Or black, grey, etc. ) Core paper, poly (vinyl alcohol) composite ( A total of three layer) Light, slicing, drying, pressure ( Will be cut into poker ZhengZhi edition piece, that is, poker the whole deck of CARDS or double sheet size) For printing. Have finished one-time CARDS from, only for biopsy can be printed. Design and printing: any poker must first draft design of before printing, and then made into special printing CTP, printed on the printer. Glazing: card must be printed by special machinery with starch paste double-sided coated, the both sides of the paper is not smooth and paper fiber to improve, then use the same method on light photovoltaic technology, to increase the surface brightness and smooth. But the excessive glaze, poker is too slippery; Poker is bad shuffle and insert card. Die cutting: two times. For the first time, will be through the horizontal and vertical cutting die cutting machine and automatic sorting; The second time, will be ordered a die cutting good poker into electric rounded die cutting knife poker four Angle cut into the rounded. Packing: the finished CARDS through the packaging machine into poker box.
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