The choice of advertising poker custom material

by:WJPC     2021-02-05
Custom class' target='_blank'>poker material from quality and cost from high to low, mainly can be divided into: black core paper, blue core paper, grey core paper, Chinese paper. Let's to know some of these materials is different: in terms of quality, black core paper is zui good, but the cost is much higher than other specifications. Game CARDS less commonly use black core paper, more black core paper is used for international entertainment poker, main characteristic is: black core coated pervious to light perspective, with black core copperplate paper is offering a kind of the measures to prevent cheating maintain a fair and just. On coated paper weight are heavier at the same time, the feel is relatively general blue core paper more comfortable, water resistance is stronger; Folding, good elasticity, not easy deformation. Black core coated paper is exquisite, smooth degree is much higher than ordinary paper, the effect of printing more clear. Show more poker custom click on the image relative to the highest quality of black core paper, blue core paper quality also have a good level, and the cost is lower than the black core paper, so some popular zhuo CARDS, such as the domestic 'three kingdoms', 'three kingdoms wisdom', 'magic the gathering' abroad, the king of the game, etc. , most will use a blue paper. The blue core paper printed card game, for anti-cheating performance won't be too much emphasis on, but feel, durability and so on also reached a good level. In general, a lower blue core paper can be regarded as a black core paper, it can achieve satisfactory on quality, cost price low black core paper, used to this kind of game CARDS is slightly lower requirements for professional card, it is very suitable species. As for the grey core paper, basic can be regarded as a kind of the paper, and so on, this part of the paper core quality is low, basic can't and black core paper, blue core paper, but its advantage is low cost price, so the paper core is commonly used in some low quality of this type of poker or fake pirated game CARDS, these CARDS are generally can only achieve & other; Can be used throughout the &; Quality level, as for the handle, durability is not too much force. So, since we are advertising poker custom, we can choose grey core paper, the paper, if you want to improve some class, may choose to core paper, so you can save some advertising poker custom cost!
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