The influence of the nature of the ink color?

by:WJPC     2021-02-22
Print the final effect and is closely related to the physical and chemical properties of ink, ink composition determines the nature of the ink: 1, the pigment particle size and its dispersion degree while ink film capillary action is an important factor to form print gloss, but the dispersion of pigment particles under the apparent size is more important, it directly decides the state of the ink film capillary. Consequently, the pigment particles small, dispersion is good, is beneficial to form a smooth ink film, for the improvement of printing quality luster is also very beneficial. 2, connect the material viscosity and pigment content according to the principle of interface chemistry, capillary permeability velocity and liquid viscosity, proportional to the penetration velocity decreased with increasing of viscosity. Ink pigment particles is formed between the capillary network structure is an important aspect of print gloss. In stamping, printing ink were overall pressure into the paper larger pores; After stamping, connection is expected to start from the ink separation, seeping into the paper of the smaller pores. As a result, the size of the ink film capillary determines the separation of connection material quantity. Capillary keep connection role than printing pressure connection material into the paper the effect of pore pressure is much larger. 3 in the paper, ink membrane drying time rapid drying can reduce connection material into paper pore volume, thus improve the ink film gloss and smoothness. Specular reflection on the surface of the ink film gloss height make degree is higher, in most cases such human eyes can see the surface reflection of the white light than low gloss ink film, make the color saturation is higher. High gloss printing quality color looks more bright and full. Most of the color ink printing ink layer are translucent or opaque, also according to the actual situation when choosing ink formula considering the pervious to light quality on the color of the printing ink layer.
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