The material of playing CARDS, in addition to paper or PVC card and laser card

by:WJPC     2021-01-30
Laser card refers to using a laser film after the paper from the different point of view has the feeling of a glistening gold, at the same time can also be in the side of the card brand hot laser or laser gold, silver can present special laser card in card of any part of the reflection of changes in body, a variety of color, pattern changes, has the very good visual effect, effect of laser effect in two kinds of all local laser, laser and laser materials and design of different, present the visual effect is also different. Customers can choose according to the effect of different partial or full version of the laser effect, gorgeous and colorful laser part and can do local laser marking effect.

CARDS, in addition to said yesterday that the 5 kinds of paper material, we have other material. First: PVC CARDS, also known as plastic CARDS, PVC CARDS with waterproof anti fouling wear-resisting, not easy to deformation characteristics, there are two kinds of black and white, is divided into two kinds of color bright surface and fine sand, poker is to use 30 silk commonly, there are 35 silk, but using less, a little bad material. The second: laser card, laser card is generally on the coated by a layer of laser film, laser film have different design and color and shape, can do it with the different requirements of customers of different membrane, laser card is commonly used in the game.
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