The material of printing of CARDS, you know what it is?

by:WJPC     2021-02-12
After years of exploration, card production in China has been from the embossed to offset printing, from a deck of CARDS more pieces of paper to a deck of CARDS a piece of paper. A print of a pair of the double oil into the oven to dry, calender, die cutting, tearing, and die cutting process, pack boxes, packaging technology, has a high production efficiency. 1, the production of playing CARDS with poor paper printing, reoccupy casting coating technology to improve surface smoothness, not enough flexibility, easy to fracture, cast coated materials and glazing materials harmful to the health of consumers, and not as the world famous brand, The bee brand) As for embossing process. 2, in the process of production in the casting coating material selection on the offset printing process, reoccupy aldehyde resin polishing, after baking smooth, sometimes from the back of the card which is pervious to light spot CARDS, the top has a four-color Heidelberg offset printing equipment and six color printing machine. After 3, paper, offset printing glaze, baking at a free state, not uniform contraction, the die cutting tool size does not accord with faces, size, severely affect the quality, this is the common fault of the poker production enterprises. Production technology of poker to a major breakthrough, it is necessary to change single chip offset for the web flexo, variable intermittent process for continuous process. 4, poker material generally divided into: ( 1) 。 Ash core paper: grey core paper quality is poorer, is not recommended as a custom. ( 2) Blue core paper: blue core points is high low do regular CARDS. ( 3) White paper core: the white core paper price moderate colour printing good-looking suit color to add more game card, read card, tarot CARDS. ( 4) Black core paper: black core paper points of domestic and imported paper, imports of black core paper is casino brand quality, quality as the optimal, suitable for high grade card. If the card custom related problems, can contact: 13712117792
The global market was valued at custom made playing cards in custom made playing cards and is expected to reach a market value of custom made playing cards by custom made playing cards, with a CAGR of custom made playing cards during the forecast period.
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According to the market analysts, exports from Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. facilities in China will exceed the forecast.
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