The origin of the poker: different history, different interpretations

by:WJPC     2021-01-30
The birth of poker has been hundreds of years of history, but so far without a word, the French people think that poker is French invented in 1392; The belgians say Belgium as early as in 1379 in poker; Italians say poker is an Italian invention in 1376, and countries such as Egypt, India, north Korea invention, and more identified as western and Chinese CARDS on 12-13 century ( Southern song dynasty period) Introduced into Europe, according to this argument, the first invention of playing CARDS should be China. The modelling of poker, specification and number of sheets by all countries differ (early Such as Italy for 22 pieces, Germany is 32 pieces, Spain for 40, France is 52) To 54 CARDS are made from France's founding in 1392 in 52 CARDS, increase, wang has evolved. Since then, countries poker card number is now 54 gradually unified model. From the initial to & other; Points throughout the &; Images of development to the present to rich and colorful & other; Design and color & throughout; As a background, and gradually from a single function of entertainment transformed into a kind of multi-functional, comprehensive cultural carrier images of landscapes. The people all over the world are in their own national culture of four colors to give different culture. The French will be four kinds of design and color is understood as a spear, square, clove leaf and the hearts; The germans four understanding of design and color of the leaves, bells, acorns, and the hearts; Italians will four kinds of design and color is understood as a sword, COINS, crutches and glass; The Swiss will be understood as four kinds of design and color acorns, bells, flowers, and shield; British people will be four kinds of design and color is understood as a shovel, diamonds, clover, and hearts. The design and color of playing CARDS, always saying a lot. More concentrated statement has the following two kinds: one is the four representative at the time of design and color the four major sectors of the society, including representatives of spades spear, symbol of soldiers; Plum blossom represent 3 leaf flower, symbol of agriculture; Squares represent craftsmen use bricks; On behalf of the hearts of red peach symbol of a priest. Another saying is the four color comes from European ancient divination pattern of the objects used, including representatives of spades olive leaf, symbol of peace; Plum blossom for clover, means lucky; Square is in the shape of diamond symbolizes wealth; And for the hearts of hearts, symbol of wisdom and love.
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