The recommended web celebrity, magic flower cut CARDS!

by:WJPC     2021-01-22
Cost cutting is a new kind of art with cool, which gives life and soul to ordinary card, make a plain card dance in your fingers. You can often see some magician at the time of performance, with a variety of god on its technology practices and cut, shuffling, CARDS in their hands like fingers dancing elf, the rotation of the jumping back and forth. In fact, if you want to play good cut flowers, in addition to a large number of repeated practice, also need a pair of good CARDS. Wangjing this 'magic flower cut' is designed for practicing cut flowers, like black, the reverse side is blue Wolf, this kind of color and pattern design, makes the entire deck of playing CARDS looks like dreaming, just glance at it already, unable to extricate themselves. The 'magic flower cut' is made of high quality PVC material, waterproof, wear-resisting if touch to the dirt, can even wash, keep playing CARDS always like new. Not only that, PVC material is relatively soft, can be arbitrary bending, stretching degree good, long service life. In addition, the CARDS for thickening frosted surface treatment, in the process of practice is not easy to skid, feel is good, thick leathery, can play again and again. This deck of playing CARDS size and ordinary poker, are 63 * 88 mm, the deputy, a total of 55 pieces, not only can be used to cut flowers, can also be used for entertainment, magic and fly brand is a good choice. If you are not satisfied with this color, there are other three colors: red back red silver, black-backed blue silver, silver back blue and silver. In addition, if you have requirement for packing, we have a print of the black box, tin box, whichever you want. If you are a cut flower lovers, might as well try this 'magic flower cut', it will bring you different cost cutting experience!
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