The weight of the special paper CARDS has nothing to do with the quality

by:WJPC     2021-02-02
Poker industry, there is a in many people's cognitive error, think that the higher the weight of paper will be better, in fact this is a kind of wrong understanding. CARDS are usually use paper in 260 g & ndash; Between 300 grams. This concept refers to the weight of each square meter paper. Cheap paper 260, 270 g, there are 280, 290, 300 grams. These mid-range and high-grade also have the same grams. The main factors influencing the paper quality is the content of wood pulp, followed by the production process. The higher the paper pulp content flexibility, the better. So at the time of order of playing CARDS don't listen to business people and tell you what grams, should see his actual samples. Tangible things for reference as the most accurate. I often have a client in after poker 300 grams of paper pulp content is low and 270 grams of paper pulp content is higher than quality is no. But has been done, there is no way to change, so must see sample in advance, and don't just listen to some people at random. Yuhua poker at the time of quotation is usually according to the high, medium and low grade of speaking. Premium is the high concentration of wood pulp paper, mid-range is a moderate amount of paper pulp content, low is a regular paper pulp content. This kind of high, medium and low-grade is bleum's own rules, not what the industry standard. May and peer comparison, yuhua low-end poker is the other factory say middle-grade poker. In a word: & other; Listening to the sounds as the imaginary, seeing is believing & throughout; 。 Advise friends still look at things, again.
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