This kind of business can be customized such CARDS for promotion

by:WJPC     2021-01-21
Merchants, we all know that the local service classes like gas, water, pipeline dredge, etc. In the past is through the form of small advertising promotion, enterprise with strength may do promotion in 58 city, and through the way of rent sweep floor plug card, for they also know that the way the effect is not ideal, but don't do not, then there is no an ideal way to promote? Of course, is today we are going to introduce advertising poker. Each will poker by issuing or sweep the floor the way to the target customer group of, because it is a very practical tool for the daily entertainment, so it's easy to accepted by people. You might be in doubt, a deck of playing CARDS cost is too high, which is compared with the traditional business card leaflet form, the cost would be much higher. But you can do that, there were 54 a deck of CARDS, 54 different industries can find local merchants to do, because they also need to promote, a deck of playing CARDS by 0. Is 5 yuan, 100000, 50000, 54 merchants capitation, just calculate by 1000 yuan, do you think is our high? 1000 yuan will be its advertising information coverage to 100000 households, would you think it's a good deal? Showed more industries advertising poker click on the image as compared with the traditional advertising, custom classes poker advertising has the following characteristics: 1, poker is a popular entertainment, so the information on the custom class advertising poker by target consumption group will see; 2, custom classes, advertising poker compared with the traditional CARDS, traditional poker machine-made, and custom class poker advertising graphic information effectively implanted, added a new move for playing CARDS, will naturally look at target consumer groups, so brand advertising information and audience virtually connection is established; Interactive: 3, poker CARDS to the particularity of the entertainment, enables the poker ads information to frequent establishing connection with audience, also can be faster to brand into the target consumption group of heart; Poker is a multiplayer entertainment at the same time, it will let more people understand that poker advertising information, so as to establish the cognitive connection with enterprise brand, and the practicability of poker, it's easy to accept and keep the brand advertising information could get more attention and exposure. When you know more about playing CARDS after some of the features, believe that you have understood why more and more businesses choose the cause of the custom class advertising poker promotion.
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