This time, you will also cut flowers fan?

by:WJPC     2021-01-28
A fan because of the different methods and divided into automatic door, thumb fan, back-off fan, etc. And our daily life the most familiar is the thumb fan ( 拇指风扇) 。 Now, please think we always fight to preside over token gesture is what kind of, come to think of it? Yes, this is your thumb fan. Thumb drive fan of behavioral essentials: 1, the left hand licensed, a corner of the thumb gently hold the CARDS, CARDS short edge alignment of the middle finger and ring finger fingers. 2, right hand will all push to the thumb side seam. Push CARDS / 3, the right hand to the right, roughly circular. Key: 1, the force of left hand hold the CARDS should be moderate, too tight, the card cannot be normal open fan, is too loose, the friction between the card is too small, open fan uneven, affect the look and feel. 2, in the process of open card, right hand thumb tip of the finger is straight to parallel to the card the source as far as possible with a new card. 3, stick to hand clean, if the oil pollution, perspiration stick on the card, impact, friction between the CARDS will cause uneven open door. 4, dry stick to the CARDS.
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