tiny target, far away: the 600-yard playing card shoot.

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Place a regular
The size of a piece of white paper playing cards.
600 yards back and try to hit it.
Card measures 2. 5x3.
5 \", there is a 3/4 red dot in the middle, which is an interesting game.
The story is about the second game.
A few years ago, Jeff Hoffman of Montenegro ammunition company gave me a pack of cards like this, and I have been from 600-yard line.
I will put an 8.
5x11 \"white paper on the mountain, binding cards in the middle.
I began to think it might be an interesting game.
Since not everyone has a range to see the card well, I printed a black ring on the 8th.
5x11 \"a piece of paper and bind the card in the middle of the card.
Almost anyone can see a ring with a width of 3/4.
Leave a white middle of just 5.
I want the shooter to be able to sigh, so I put the target in the middle of a blank sheet of paper which is about 36 \"50\" wide.
Competitors shoot from push-ups with any rifle, any range, any bullet, and any front and back backs.
Give them seven sighs for 30 seconds each time.
Between sighs, each hole is inserted with a 3 \"disc.
The old hole was patched.
This gives the shooter enough space to observe and make the Black 3 \"plug visible on white paper. [
Slightly] Illustrations
After the seventh sigh, the shooters have a minute to look at the plug of their last shot.
The sighing was filmed before the card was placed.
Put the cards in the middle of the Bull Ring and the shooters have 7 minutes to shoot 10 rounds.
The round of the score was not inserted. Unlike F-
Class, this method rescans 1,000-yard benchrest.
Once the sighing is taken away, competitors will shoot blindly.
He can\'t see the bullet holes, and he doesn\'t know where his recording lens is.
He must rely on his sigh and his memory of the wind.
At 600 yards, the bullet holes are barely visible with any optical system.
Six high flags, like those used for high power and 1,000-
Yard benches, placed along the range every about 550 yards to 50 yards.
Four table flags with chrysanthemum wheels, blades and tails were also placed at 500 m. yard line.
Use the timer to complete the shooting and the radio is used to communicate with the person running the target.
Simple, efficient and fast. [
Slightly] Illustrations
The Gunners were randomly drawn into the relay race.
Since each competitor launches only 17 rounds, the relay can be completed three times in a few hours.
It takes about an hour to install.
The results, awards and lies will take another hour.
We started at seven in the morning. m.
I went to breakfast before 11: 00. m.
After all the relays finished shooting and removed the target, it was impressive to see all the shots (51)were inside 1. 5 to 1.
75 MOA to several supporters.
Hit an elk in the boiler room every time.
In fact, almost all the footage of the supporters hit the elk.
Don Ralph, my Blackhawk rifle and Montenegro 175-grain .
308 match amino and play 6 cards when shooting the first card.
This time he used my GA precision.
260 Remington, tied for third in four hits.
I put it in my hand. 260.
Well, if you can\'t beat the Black Mountain ammo, why reload?
Most shooters have a lot of hits in 5 \"inner white circles.
Winners Gary Chaney and Andrew Smith played seven cards at the White 5 center.
The tie was broken by Gary and was hit at 3/4.
Bill Fowler has four on the card and six white on the third.
Don raft and Jeff Melde played four on the card and five on the white card.
Bill broke the card.
Hit twice at 3/4. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Many of these shooters have never participated in any type of rifle competition.
Some people have never shot anything 600 yards or more than 200 or 300 yards.
Interestingly, three top players have only shot or played a few times at 600 yards, and the first card is their first.
Andrew Smith is one of them.
And in 600-second timeCode card shoot.
Playing a normal-sized playing card at 600 yards is a great feat.
The knee jump reaction will convince you that it is impossible to hit it 60% of the time.
However, these shooters have performed very well.
The number of competitors has more than doubled from the first card game, and more people are interested in the next game.
Thank you so much to Alan Mcrea, Gary Chaney and Chris Devlin for serving as range officers.
Gary brings high power flags, plugs and target numbers.
And Chris brings the timer.
The shooter can use any rifle, any range, any bullet, and any back-to-back.
Most people use the first two-legged animals.
Some people used a bench bag in the back or a sniper squeeze bag.
Some people use the front seat of the table.
The winning rifle is a --shot Savage F-
Class rifle with 6 points. 5-
284, shooting hand amino 54.
Lapua 139 behind 5 H1000-
A grain scene boarded with Zeiss conquest 6. 5-
20x50mm MC range.
The second one used GA Precision Custom crusader. 308.
It has a clearance 7000 action, batterlin barrel, 5R rifling, No. 7 GAP, 1:11.
25 \"twist, 23\" long.
The action and barrel are installed in the McMillan A5 inventory with Badger Ordnance M5 bm bottom steel and Cerakote coating.
Ammunition is 175-
Lapia brass, federal 210-meter primer and Sierra Leone matches from VAGO\'s grain.
His telescope is the NXS 5. 5-22x50mm. Can run a 10-round magazine. Third was a .
260 Remington built a precise international chassis and side plate on the Remington action with a 1: 8 \"twisted Krieger bucket.
Handmade ammunition is made of 45 Remington brass.
H4831sc and 142-5
Valley Sierra Leone
His telescope is the NXS 5. 5-22x50mm. Runs a 10-round magazine. [
Slightly] Illustrations
The fourth and fifth Share a.
Precision Custom rifle 260 Remington GA.
It uses a blue printed Remington action and is loaded with 139-
Grain lapia scene in Remington brass, located in front of No. 46.
H4831sc 8G.
It carried an NXS 5 night combat unit. 5-22x50mm scope.
Badger Ordnance bottom steel 10-round magazine.
I would like to especially thank Jeff Hoffman of Montenegro ammunition for providing cards and donating ammunition to the winners.
Special thanks to L3 Insight for providing M3 tactical light for the winner.
Like any good sniper.
The success of competitors within the scope comes from those who can eliminate interference and stay focused on their technology and style.
Even if the wind is gentle, it is necessary at 600 yards.
It is important to understand the physical properties of bullets flying under different conditions and the ability to shoot quickly.
With some practice, shooters can learn to use one on the cross line and the other on the flag to open their eyes.
But this is another topic of discussion.
A great shooter lowered his head to the rifle and smoothly operated the bolt, but soon his eyes never moved again (s)off the wind.
Black Mountain ammunition P. O.
3090 boxes of SD 57709 fast city (605)348-5150 WWW. GUNSMAGAZlNE. COM/BLACK-HILLS-
10 tips for the success of ammunition 1.
Use a rifle that can be used. The monthly Department of Agriculture or better. 2.
With bullets.
5 or better ballistic coefficient. 3.
When you arrive at the range, start watching the wind flag immediately.
Look for major and minor winds and pay attention to how long they last.
From the time you arrive at the range, keep your attention in the wind until your relay finishes shooting. 4.
Complete your medical examination within 600 yards.
Don\'t change them before taking three sighing mirrors. 5.
Don\'t dial the windshield.
Wind stops.
Pick something in the background, in the foreground;
Or place a vertical cross alignment on the target. 6.
Don\'t be fidgety with a rifle when you shoot.
Head down and watch the wind intently. 7.
Quick shot, trying to get all rounds in the same wind.
Stop when it changes, if not, wait for it to return or pause.
Remember the position of your sighing.
Send it out as soon as the cross line hits your position! 8.
If there is a mirage running, watch carefully to ensure that it matches the wind.
If it changes, stop shooting until it returns in the same direction and intensity.
The boiling Mirage will cause vertical. Beware! 9.
Watch the sun just before you are asked to shoot.
If it is clear during your shooting and the cloud covers it, the bullet will be a little lower and vice versa. 10.
If the wind blows from the right, hurry up, a little lower.
If the wind blows from the left, keep it on the left, a little higher.
This phenomenon is called \"elevator \".
\"L3 Insight donated the M3 tactical illuminator very kindly, which was made to install a pistol with a tactical track.
L3 Insight is a manufacturer or distributor of many advanced tactical solutions including EOTech.
The M3 light is attached to the tactical track of the pistol and operated with a rocker arm.
Mobile rocker counter-
Turn the light clockwise until the rocker arm is released.
Move the rocker clockwise until it clicks to turn on the light until the rocker is moved back to the off position.
The front baffle can be turned into a spot or wide flood. CHART SB-
Manufacturer of tactical Illuminator: L-M3
3 insight technology, 9 Accra Road, Delhi, London, NH 03053 (866)509-2040 WWW. GUNSMAGAZINE. COM/INSIGHT-
Technical peak output: 90 lumens, running: 6O minutes, weight: 3.
Battery 3 ounces, size: 3. 4\" L x 1. 6\" W x 1.
5 H \", battery power: 6 V of two 123 Duracel batteries (included], Optional long-
Gun and shotgun backplates with integrated remote control are available.
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