To identify the poker paper?

by:WJPC     2021-01-30
CARDS used in the paper is good or bad, is the key to measure poker quality stand or fall, a deck of playing CARDS is exquisitely printed picture how faultless, design conception more common, if poker paper layer, or paper is too thin not elastic, paper fracture. Users and customers will think poker poor quality can use them. J let wangjing below small make up, to introduce the CARDS to identify the paper. 1 you look at the paper, paper, layered reason first is a special paper CARDS, now some poker manufacturers for the decreased production costs, poker paper is not special paper, but the common packing paper, coated paper, bottom paper soft, this paper looks no wood or wood pulp, and paper density small water imbibition is strong, the base paper composite adhesive is not strong, and repeated hand wash CARDS in use process, simple poker absorbs moisture, cause CARDS simple layered soon. 2, paper, no elastic reason, the paper density difference, a pair of good poker has good elasticity, paper price is high, poker paper pulp content to high or pure wood pulp paper, gram paper density is higher, the paper will lead to higher prices. 3 less paper fiber, paper, paper crack appearance without tension, mostly coated paper will have this kind of condition, or the light liquid crystal is too thick to cause appearance.
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