To learn that a few, you are a magician!

by:WJPC     2021-02-09
CARDS, now has become the tools of the magician. For the friend that like magic, however, believe that must be seen, the magician will be in the hands of' target='_blank'>poker playing that kind of magic! Do you ever envy! Next, follow small make up, I learn magicians superb techniques together! 1. Cut cut, in fact, is the brand is divided into 2 to 3 parts, and then replace the order. Shuffling benefit is that will not make the order of the CARDS have been completely disrupted, and relatively easy to control process, magic can sometimes be completely the same, after the cut card order such as the three cutting. And a lot of classical props, such as length, trapezoid, a cut is needed. Practice find when you cut by hand feeling, enhance proficiency. 2. Smoke wash the technique is also very common, and the cut is different, this technique can let a person feel a deck of CARDS is a mess. The actual registration order is a mess, but smoke wash a heap special purpose is to control the card position, such as wash card to card. Practice attention to efforts to grasp, don't smoke too fast, in case the card. 3. For this is the card stacking is known to all, and for the order of the brand, will greatly upset, however, if you want to control the bottom of the card on the top of the card or card, this technique can make the audience feel card has completely off, but don't realize your intentions. 4. Perfect shuffle shuffle card stacking level is a great god, this is definitely not a day, or even take a few years, for strength, the material of card, hand posture requirements are very high. The perfect shuffle of the most basic, is the two piles card edge alignment, precise hard, two pairs of CARDS in a pile of two intersecting completely, if mastered this technique, then you can become the master card.
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