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by:WJPC     2021-02-10
The magician is 22 arcana of wide plate 1, is the highest mana is strong, ability best card, able to quickly solve things. The magician Hermes is one of the twelve the Lord god, Zeus and Maia ( The mother of the night) The son of, also is the god of eloquence, the guide of the undead. Card reading: the magician wearing red tunic, eyes firm, he seems to be mysterious ceremony before people, containing the mace on the table, the holy grail, sword, the four essential factors of the collectibles multiplier, he not only can be used freely, and holds the worldly knowledge and communication, only through heaven and earth and ceremony, he is confident the supreme spirit. His head with an infinite symbol, a symbol of his infinite wisdom. His waist wrapped around a end-to-end snake, it was his belt, is a spiritual symbol of the eternal. His right hand holding a scepter toward the sky, his left index finger pointing to the ground, represented his top know astronomy, bottom know geography, at his feet are roses and lilies, the former represents the birth, the latter represents death. The magician with master fire, earth, wind, water, the ability of the four elements, and combined with their own wisdom and reasonable use, equivalent to he can control the whole world. The magician corresponding astrology is mercury, corresponding star sign is Scorpio. It is a means of success, witty, strong, good at communication, strong learning ability, etc. At work, you can plan well, things go smoothly and on and on, you can very good get along with others. In love marriages, you will be more willing to rooted in the reality of partnership, and look forward to life goals have practice partner. In life, you will also have a lot of unexpected harvest, a bright future. The magician is the inverse of a meaning failure, deception, cunning, lies, loss of confidence. At work, you always don't have goals, filled with inert, also your job to fail, you are very naughty, do things is always indecisive. You don't mind love, lack of originality, overall prospects are grim.
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