Use advertising poker to promotion, really useful?

by:WJPC     2021-01-25
Advertising poker as a kind of new media, can put the product and service information printed on the pros and cons of poker, with the use of poker and flow and the information publication and circulation. Advertising poker has been widely used in various industries as a gift given, moreover, can play a huge advertising effect. Advertising printed on the CARDS, in the short term to quickly establish awareness, promote sales. To issue 30000 vice advertising poker calculation, an effective arrival rate can reach 100%, and due to the nature of poker itself people participation, actually this reach is radial, information arrival rate can reach more than 400%, that is to say, once a poker information can also be 4 people or more than 4 people again and again. And because the CARDS can be used repeatedly, this is in geometric progression growth. That is to say 30000 poker, to cover at least 200000 people. In the long run, to the enterprise and brand image building is also very good. General poker service life can reach 3 years, but the quality is excellent poker can not only extend the using time, also has the collection value. Because poker retention time is very long, actually let audience psychological produce the products and services as enterprise has always been around, thus exerts a brand, accumulate over a long period of form! Moreover, cost-effective advertising poker. Spend the same spending on other mass media, not only a huge, and hard to grasp the information arrive, in fact there are huge to the error, the other information retained a very short time, fleeting. And the lack of gift CARDS can avoid above can get ideal with a very low advertising communication effect. Penny to do great things, who wouldn't miss. D implementation process simple and easy. We know that the 'advertisement law' on mass media, advertising has the strict laws and regulations, such as on the content, distribution, application and cost have limited. This leads to advertising on the implementation of inconvenience, influence the work progress. While issuing advertising gift CARDS there is no limit to the related laws, flexible form, the issuer initiative is extremely strong, can complete control issuance of content, quantity, object, time, rhythm, and so on. Poker has become so, now, all businesses advertise of choice.
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