What about CIF of where to buy bicycle cards ?
CIF is changed based on demand, port of destination, etc. Under CIF (= Cost, Insurance and Freight), we are responsible for providing insurance coverage for bicycle cards while in transit for 110% of their value. It is our indispensable duty to guarantee the product quality and safety. We offer strong support even though the product leaves for the destination.

Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. is a company integrating the production and sales of cardistry cards. The oracle cards is one of the main products of WJPC Printing Company. wholesale playing cards has a broad development prospect and application in playing card field due to its outstanding design and high-performance materials. It is less prone to fluff after longterm use. WJPC Printing Company has superior customer service attitude. There is less card dust in the box.

WJPC Printing Company aims to create a famous playing card brand of high efficiency, high quality, and good service. Call now!
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