What are WJPC Printing Company shipping modes?
The shipping modes provided by casino playing cards include air, water, and land transports that involve railway and road transport. We have fast access to different transport modes thanks to our excellent geographical advantages. For countries border China, we will choose land transport generally. As the domestic logistics efficiency is quite faster, the products will be shipped at a higher speed thanks to the giant networks. For destinations far from our nation, we prefer air and water transport which are convenient and efficient.

In Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd., almost all people are skilled and professional in the production of cardistry cards. WJPC Printing Company's playing cards custom printing series contains multiple sub-products. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor lighting from an economic perspective. According to the news, using LED lights greatly reduces electricity consumption and generates billions in energy savings. It features a smooth finish as well as accurate and exact corners. The product enables one to divide the space easily and quickly and is designed to harmonize with the existing architectural style. The inks and chemicals used during its printing are non-toxic with no lead content.

WJPC Printing Company targets to be a leading custom game card exporter at home and abroad. Please contact.
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