What is a digital proofing?

by:WJPC     2021-02-23

Digital proofing is also called the digital artwork &proofing, printing or digital version, sometimes known as the digital sample is usually used in the production printing before, is used to test print typography, color photos, convenient for the customer to determine the model. Digital proofing, is in the heart of the electronic publishing after processing in the form of digital electronic manuscript directly output a proofing technology. By in large format printers directly output by way of digital proofing, and replace the traditional system of film, drying, etc.  The long proofing process. By using large format printers directly output digital proofing to replace the traditional system of film, plate burning, etc.  The long proofing process. Digital proofing system generally consists of color ink jet printer or color laser printer, and through the color of the color printing and simulation printing proofing, use digital manuscript ( Electronic files) Calibration sample. Four color printing is duCMYK ( Blue and red yellow black) Digital proofing is a laser printing, has the color difference. Digital proofing is the common method of printers print proofing sample confirmation, can meet most of the printed matter, such as product of playing CARDS, learning CARDS, CARDS, manuals, product brochures, color box, and other products. Traditional printing ( Design - Customer review - The film - Proofing - Effect - the customer shall be submitted With color - The finished products) , more than 8 days the production cycle of digital printing, Design - Customer review - The finished products) , a few hours of production cycle                                

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