What is the poker custom flow!

by:WJPC     2021-02-01
Currently, poker has become well known things, but, still have a lot of friends, the custom of playing CARDS, but don't know anything, then let me introduce, poker custom some process! A small box, planning finalized by the buyer to poker, filling, back version of the picture and the content of electronic files or pictures to me. Supply methods: 1, the buyer will need to promote products concrete request to picture and text, by express mail sent to me. ( CD, MO, or photos, in order to ensure the quality of poker printing, if it is a picture, the resolution should be in 300 - 350 dpi, materials as clear as possible) 2, through the E - Mail sent to this web site addresses. Or directly through QQ file transfer communication. 3 I in after receipt of the material, from my place planning production planner according to the requirement of the buyer, within three days of planning sample return back to the sample or on the Internet free of charge to the buyer to revise to later confessed. Second, sign a contract and the buyer's confession draft payment, supply and demand both sides sign the contract, then 30% deposit in advance, I in confession after receiving the deposit, to finally broke down the sample to produce, produce the end by the buyer's inspection ( Can come to the inspection, or I send the sample to the buyer's inspection) 。 The remaining payment for goods to be settled before shipment after inspection.
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