What is the price of wholesale playing cards ?
The price of playing card proves to be reasonable and competitive. As a mature manufacturer with extensive production experience, we pay attention to the pricing of the markets and respect the market demand and supply. The price of our product will be a little bit lower than the average figure. However, it does not indicate a decrease in product quality. We implement a high-efficiency management mechanism to reduce operational redundancy, so the cost of making the product is slightly reduced.

Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. has independent R&D team and mature production lines to produce oracle cards. WJPC Printing Company's playing card series contains multiple sub-products. The product is free of constant flicking. Compared to the traditional lighting which is controlled by Alternating Current(AC), LED lighting is controlled by Direct Current(DC) power supply with a low voltage. Its size can be customized and modified according to needs. The low maintenance of this product means that people won't have to put a lot more money into the renovation project once it is installed in the kitchen. It performs well in terms of characteristics such as transmissivity, stiffness, and flatness.

WJPC Custom Game Card Printing And Manufacturer will stick to innovative mechanism to adapt to the market. Check now!
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