What play CARDS have?

by:WJPC     2021-01-29
Poker has been the important paper entertainment tool in our daily life. Even in the network game in the 21st century, it will often appear in the party in the leisure. Historically, depicting the poker games or gambling countless literary painting, film and television works, impressive. So, do you know such a pair of small CARDS, how many style? If you don't know, just follow the wangjing, small make up together and see it! The first: fight the landlord. Fight the landlord this poker, suitable for three people to play, one of them is the landlord, two other people help each other, if civilians victory, the landlord's failure. Is the very common game, most people know the rules. The second: Fried golden flower. I think the most common way in rural Fried golden flower, it's game is very simple, is three CARDS, each to than size, however, play can reach 10, is everyone home New Year's day, one of the indispensable a toy. The third: pressure hand. Hand pressure, this requires four people to play, squares with a red peach is a side, spades and twist on one side of the a is, however, we do not know who are our teammates, learn to according to the style of others to determine their own teammates, the losing party, need to accept to win a penalty.
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