What products has WJPC Printing Company developed?
Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. has manufactured many products like flash card , which play an important role in our business. Every year we spend heavily on their own development. To have the ability to resist against infringement, we have applied for certification and patents.

As the economy goes, WJPC has been the prominent magic playing cards supplier in this industry. WJPC Printing Company's magic playing cards series contains multiple sub-products. In order to prevent the interference the surge voltages from lightning and switching operation, the product of WJPC is created with a surge voltage protection system to protect the driver from damage. Its pieces have good resilience and are resistant to folding. This product can helps hotels minimize the risk of noise complaints and boost the chances of providing a calm, restful stay to guests. Its material can be 270/280gsm blue core paper, 300/350/400gsm art paper, etc.

WJPC Custom Game Card Printing And Manufacturer is committed to 'Let everyone in the world afford high quality poker cards for sale'. Check now!
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