what we know about 100 plastic playing cards

by:WJPC     2019-11-16
100% plastic playing cards always seem to have new cards getting stuck and getting old soon.
The oil, food particles and constant shuffling on your hands can cause wear and tear on your cards, causing you to have to replace them often.
You need 100 plastic playing cards.
100 really means 100% plastic, which is really a good thing because you don\'t have to change cards almost often.
What\'s good about plastic playing cards? 100 plastic playing cards are more durable than ordinary cards.
They can withstand the wear and tear placed on a deck while playing, which is much easier than normal cards.
They also do not suffer from moisture and stains, nor are they destroyed by accidental spills, and you can wash them off with mild soap and water.
Because these cards are very durable, you don\'t need to change them a lot because they last much longer than normal types of cards.
For those who are passionate about playing cards, this is great because they often spend a lot of money on cards.
In fact, 100 plastic playing cards can last for many years and do not need to be replaced.
These cards are great when playing with kids.
When they play cards and eat snacks, you don\'t have to keep reminding them to wipe their hands because any little sticky stuff they leave behind is easy to clean or erase.
They also insist on the rough treatment that children can give them.
They are less likely to bend and tear, and less likely to suffer all the other types of damage that children can cause on regular cards.
If your child is small, then 100 plastic playing cards make sense.
Variety you can get 100 plastic playing cards of all sizes, especially for different card games if you want.
There are plastic cards specially made for poker, bridge and poker.
You can also get huge faces and oversized plastic playing cards.
You can also get some great professional 100 plastic playing cards.
In the dark plastic playing cards light fun cards for camping or kids to enjoy while in the backyard for the night.
Your poker game doesn\'t have to be disturbed when the storm causes the lights to go out for a few minutes.
Think about all the fun you have to play these cards.
Turn off the lights and enjoy a fun card game to make everyone laugh.
Another interesting 100 plastic playing card is the transparent card.
These cards look like you can see them directly, but they are specially designed to allow other players on the table to still see the card denomination while they see it.
Imagine the surprise on their faces when your friends come to the next poker game and you take out those cards.
They will think you have lost your mind and show everyone your hands until they realize how clever these cards are designed.
You can buy 100 plastic playing cards in narrow or wide deck sizes so you can have the most comfortable card style.
You can even get double packs of 100 plastic playing cards, and given their longevity, it allows you to play a lot of card games before you have to go and buy new playing cards.
There are many brand name card manufacturers making 100 plastic playing cards, such as Royal, bicycle and Da Vinci cards.
Great gift 100 plastic playing cards make great gifts for people who like to play cards on your gift list.
They have a wide range of designs, including geometric shapes, which are very affordable.
You can use them to store things or add them to the poker chip collection as an extra gift.
They made great gifts for little kids and when looking for long trips these 100 plastic playing cards should be included.
The light in the dark will even keep your child entertained while driving at night as they find it difficult to fall asleep and the color is too dark to read a book.
Almost anyone who likes to play cards will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift and be satisfied with the ease of cleaning and durability of 100 plastic playing cards.
These 100 plastic playing cards not only bring great gifts for your children and friends, but also a great gift for yourself.
They are stylish, unique and durable, bringing a whole new look and feel to your card game.
Whether it\'s simple to go fishing with your grandchildren or kids or Late Night Poker, they are perfect for any type of card game.
The 100 plastic playing cards used on the World Poker Tour are used on the World Poker Tour you watch on TV.
Pro poker players love the clear feel of these cards and are great for these high risk games where nervous players can damage a card.
These cards are not easily damaged, so they can be used over and over again.
100 plastic playing cards that give you the fun of the game and the durability you want and need, they save you money and are perfect for any card game occasion.
Resistant to stains and easy cleaning, they can withstand the damage that beating kids give them, and you can still use them when playing cards the next night.
More importantly, they are long lasting and can save money by allowing you to buy fewer cards.
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