Where to get help if plastic coated playing cards gets problem during the use?
We're filled with confidence in playing card , however, we welcome customers to remind us of any possible product problems, which will assist us to perform better later on. Speak to our after-sales service and we'll address the issue. Every compliance is significant to us. We're devoted to supplying clients with a decent solution. Your satisfaction is our achievement.

Equipped with complete facilities, Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. has grown to be a leading company in WJPC Printing Company industry. WJPC Printing Company's playing card series contains multiple sub-products. Risk analysis for the fabrics used in WJPC printing oracle cards will be carried out. The analysis will check whether the ingredients in the fabrics are harmful and toxic and whether it causes pollution after being disposed of. Its pieces are moisture-resistant and abrasion-resistant. The product contains no chemicals, contribute to greenhouse gases. It is easy to recycle when it reaches the end of its use. Its surface is smooth and will not hurt the fingers.

Our goal is class service and our pursuance is to create world's first brand of flash cards for kids. Get price!
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