Which black playing cards company doing ODM?
Considering manufacturing costs, labor input and transportation, more and more companies provide customers with playing cards ODM services. Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) is a company that can design and manufacture products. It requires the company to acquire professional design capabilities. Generally speaking, before the formal production, the professional company should communicate with the customer in detail about the requirements of the ODM service, which will ensure the smooth and efficient ODM service process.

Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. is one of the largest pure R&D centers in the Chinese flash cards for kids industry. The magic playing cards is one of the main products of WJPC Printing Company. The design of flash cards for kids is excellent and the hand feels baby learning flash cards. Its pieces provide excellent touch and pliability. Comprehensive after-sales technical services enable WJPC to gain a reputation in poker card industry. There is less card dust in the box.

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