Who invented the poker?

by:WJPC     2021-01-23
Poker has been the important paper entertainment tool in our daily life. Even in the network game in the 21st century, it will often appear in the party in the leisure. Historically, depicting the poker game or movie countless literary painting, film and television works, impressive. So, who invented the poker? What is its origin? “ Poker & throughout; It is the transliteration of English poker, it comes from England? Is not at all. For the inventory problem of poker, many countries in the world has its own set of theory. Italians, said invention of playing CARDS is the merchant of Venice, invented the poker when they go out on business, used to calculate the date and entertainment; Belgians, said as early as in A. D. 1379, poker they have appeared in their country; The French say, poker is in 1392, a scholar in France in order to make long-term insane emperor of the French are designed, vi divertingness; And the Swiss said, they also found preserved in the British London's British museum a Swiss monk documents, which recorded, playing CARDS in the park is circulated to Switzerland in 1377; Others say that poker is an ancient Chinese emperor for pleasing bestowed favor of invention, and so on.
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