Why, a casino with a black core paper CARDS?

by:WJPC     2021-02-18
Black core paper is the earliest development of Europe and America region, the research is fair for the poker club entertainment Settings, at first in a long time ago most countries produce card paper, paper mostly blue core paper or the core of these two kinds of materials, both the middle of the paper while the paper also has a sandwich layer, but because of science and technology developed laser penetration later science, can see from the back of the card through the base cloth card, at the time in the production of these two kinds of paper when science and technology level is relatively low, so a set of paper core density is larger, nor prevent penetration effect, then a lot of poker paper developed this black core paper manufacturing company. In today's world * big poker CARDS, used in the club in macau with black core paper is paper. The characteristics of black core paper are: 1. Paper is exquisite, the printing is clear. 2. Folding, good elasticity. 3. Smooth degree is high, not pervious to light. 4. Water resistance is strong, not easy to deformation. Black core paper paper card is a kind of new, environmentally friendly paper CARDS, is has a tendency to gradually replace PVC material card, its application is more cultural entertainment industry, such as games, audio-visual, etc. Its low cost, make the advantages of easy to use for the social from all walks of life widely accepted. Black core paper paper card can be used in a black core paper 320 grams, 350 grams, 400 grams of various thickness. It has such advantages as low cost, strong confidentiality, environmental protection and energy saving. Black core paper paper card use double-sided halftone black core paper, print gloss over 95%, is, on the back of the card body with light oil or laminating process protection surface graphic printing.
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