Why do present a gift, all gold CARDS?

by:WJPC     2021-02-19
Poker is loved by people widely entertainment tool, everybody saw also played CARDS, and the gold foil CARDS don't know whether you realize it? In fact, gold foil poker is adopted as the raw material of gold foil paper and made, its characteristic is good gloss, strong elasticity, comfortable, with very high artistic value and collection value. In addition, gold foil CARDS don't have the advantages of poker and other material. A, waterproof anti-corrosion. Gold card and paper card is different, because the use of material, gold foil CARDS not only waterproof, still can anticorrosive, water washing, even don't have any problem. Second, reveal the noble temperament. Gold foil poker surface luster, give a person a kind of gorgeous, golden noble atmosphere feeling, has the common style, gold foil CARDS at the same time is also a kind of status symbol. Three, clean and environmental protection. Gold foil poker because material is different, won't cause pollution to the environment, environmental protection very much. In ancient times, the gold foil used to beauty, by women in the modern research and development into a cosmetics, and edible value, plus a small amount of gold foil in the consumption of wine, with detoxification, raise colour, such as health care function. We usually play most of the paper CARDS contain chemical elements, and after a lot of people played at ordinary times can conveniently lose, can cause pollution to the air and soil, but the gold foil poker is good to overcome this shortcoming. Four, the best choice for gifts. Gold foil poker appearance colorful richly, noble atmosphere, very suitable for gift giving. When you are still in the struggle at the feast the gifts to relatives, friends, lover, might as well try gold foil poker, both the new, and is very rich, is absolutely the best choice for gifts.
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