Why do some poker is expensive?

by:WJPC     2021-02-19
Do poker for so long, often have the customer ask me, what is the sample paper ah, in fact, many do poker custom basic would ask the customer, and each do poker manufacturers reply the answer is different, even if the prices of the same paper also very big difference, is this why? About this question, wangjing small make up in here for everyone to do a simple popularity. On the market use most poker paper is grey core paper, paper is easy to see if the ash core, tear poker see core layer is gray can judge belongs to the core of paper. Ash core paper types are many, each manufacturer production of paper quality. May 250 g ash core paper is higher than 300 g ash core paper price also is very normal, because the pulp process are different, such as another mill is generally in accordance with the requirements for factory production, according to different quantity, the price also. Moreover, mill scale also has the size, to a consortium of paper quality is better, the quality control, the price will be higher, so, if everybody for poker paper and inner core problem, might as well look to wangjing, wangjing poker has a history of 13 years, believe that will give you a satisfaction and peace of mind of a good price.
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