Why everybody likes to collect CARDS, which have fun?

by:WJPC     2021-02-18
Many Tibetan friends, began to step into the door of the collection of poker, have gone through the ordeal. Many Tibetan friends, began to step into the door of the collection of poker, have similar experiences with me. After repeated appreciation, collection, with the increase of collection, growing interest, is becoming more and more investment. From the initial interest then begun to take shape, slowly become open the floodgates of collection of interests. Tibetan friend to buy smoking cigarette advertising poker, the whole article to buy cigarettes, drink of Tibetan friend home and bought a lot of wine, is for the packaging of gifts in poker. I have a period of time, as long as found that goods are advertising poker, regardless of whether or not useful, something I tried to buy it back. As long as a poker hand, excitement. Must authorize it to help a colleague to buy CARDS, especially travel CARDS and some airlines gift CARDS. Most of the time, the colleagues is brought back some ordinary poker, may even be made in China, although some disappointment, but also happy, because they remember it after all. In the flea market, found a pair of old poker fondle admiringly and their cash-strapped, after a lot of hard bargaining, finally touched by the owner, to think the reasonable price, received such a pair of poker, after go home, appreciate the many days repeatedly, barely sleep should be hold. Each to get a new pair of poker, whether it is design and color CARDS, or back figure poker, I seriously appreciate, this is the fun of collecting poker, is such a fun, have kept to this enthusiasm for poker collection. Believe that the majority of Tibetan friend have such experience, for the sake of a beloved poker, almost at any cost, try to get it. Is this like crazy enthusiasm is the reason of the poker collection. Behind this enthusiasm, both for poker, exchange of poker, poker, between Tibetan friend party, make poker web page, write CARDS, I think that is a kind of enjoy in the process of collection.
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