Why more expensive than ordinary poker advertising poker?

by:WJPC     2021-02-07
Because ordinary poker is a template, print and quality inspection are fixed, workers easy to train, low cost, high speed production equipment, so the CARDS printing by volume, the more the number, the lower the cost. Advertising poker printing so expensive, basically has the following factors: one, the production process is interrupted, the production ability. Because the number of print advertising poker is usually less than 50000, or even only 10000 vice, relative to a nissan millions vice production line, the quantity is very small. According to practical experience, a nissan millions of ordinary poker production line, if print advertising poker, each 50000 vice, the nissan capacity will drop to 650000; If each 10000 vice, the nissan capacity dropped to 290000 vice, that is to say, the wage costs will increase by 236%. Second, the tax cost. In China the reality is, ordinary poker in the distribution of various environment ( Commodity trading markets, for example) Basically is a cash transaction, does not involve the problem of tax. Advertising poker formal invoice printing generally requires one to one. In China, the tax cost is usually 6. 5% to 7%. Three, plate-making fee, etc. Ordinary poker can basic does not consider plate making cost, and advertising poker plate making fee to 2% ( 50000) ~ 10% ( 10000) 。
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