Why penang electronic custom playing CARDS

by:WJPC     2021-01-27
Penang electronic focusing on the GDT, TSS, TVS, ESD, composite components such as product development, production and sales, is the domestic first-class protection device manufacturers. Penang electronic products are exported to at home and abroad, is widely used in communications, security, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, SPD, medical electronics, automotive electronics, new energy and other industries, is huawei, zte, nokia, lenovo, foxconn, hikvision, panasonic, dahua, mindray and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad preferred supplier. Penang electronics as a national first-class protective device manufacturers, with a large number of the agent group, the traditional enterprise customer follow-up information may be propaganda registered and penang electronic use advertising poker, whether for brand promotion propaganda, or for customer gift giving, is a good way. Because such customized advertising poker does not change the traditional poker entertainment function, also can to make CARDS as well as increase the poker novelty brand advertising information was known by the user. More advertising poker industry custom show compared to click on the picture than traditional books, advertising poker has the following advantages: 1, the traditional album is too common, when everyone's album to show the enterprise or product, and you use CARDS show businesses or products, quickly formed a differentiation, to attract more quickly to the user; 2, poker interactive entertainment, can let more people see more poker ads information, as long as the CARDS are not damaged, it will be keep collection, then the brand advertising information will continue to affect the target customer groups; 3, poker is easily accepted by easy to carry, especially in the process of the exhibition, compared with traditionally numerous promotional materials, advertising poker to clients is easier to carry. From a cost point of view, the price of advertising poker album is almost the same price, may be cheaper, but the fresh cognition, sustainability, interactive brand publicity effect is brought by the album can't than, do you understand?
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