Why the magician old like the CARDS as a prop?

by:WJPC     2021-02-19
Magic mentioned, we can always think of playing CARDS, why? Because people on TV or in daily life to see some wonderful magic show, and playing CARDS always magicians indispensable props, poker seems also became a magician, you the most familiar is Spring Festival gala, magician liu qian's & other; The next step is to witness the miracle moment & throughout; , and always with eye-popping poker magic to conquer the audience, so while people marvel at the magic show, you ever think why magicians like playing CARDS as the performances of the props? In fact, is not love, because play poker is every magician's basic skills, it is said that a began to create the magic show people often use CARDS to research new magic, the magic show also gradually became a tradition come down, so the magicians always poker as a performance props is not surprising. In addition, the CARDS as a consumer entertainment, very common in People's Daily lives, the magician will poker as performing props can also more close to common people's life, resonate, aroused the audience's interest. Third, we all know that there were a total of 54 a deck of playing CARDS, four kinds of design and color, same as the one on the back, there is no difference, in addition to the specifications and positive number is different, the difference is not particularly big, very convenient magician juggle with your CARDS don't cause suspicion, and used for the magic show of poker is made of special material, feel better, so the magician after long time practice, can cause the audience the illusion of a dazzling, people will naturally wonder its sophisticated technique.
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