You can know who poker Q above are respectively?

by:WJPC     2021-02-14
K, and a story about poker Q, this time to tell you about the Q Queen, Queen, plum Q is ginny o; Spade K is pallas Athena; Red peach is Judith; Square Q is Rachel. 阿金妮,这个名字其实只是起源于一个' /> Toggle navigation 首页HOME 产品中心 黑芯纸 蓝芯纸 铜版纸 灰芯纸 PVC塑料扑克 我要定制 实力展示 客户见证 荣誉资质 扑克资讯 公司动态 行业资讯 常见问题 联系我们 主页> 资讯中心> 行业资讯> 站内搜索 产品中心 黑芯纸 蓝芯纸 铜版纸 灰芯纸 PVC塑料扑克 你能知道扑克Q上面分别是谁吗? Date: 2019 07 - Popular prominence 30 K, and last time about this time to tell you about poker & other; Q” Story, Q Queen, Queen, plum Q is ginny o; Spade K is pallas Athena; Red peach is Judith; Square Q is Rachel. Ginny, is just the name originated from a word game, by the queen, Regina) After letters change position and the word ( Argine) 。 The club the Q design is from a 14th century famous British war & ndash; — The wars of the roses. At that time, Britain was divided into north and south two families, south Yorkshire family marked by white rose, while in the north of the Lancaster family marked by the red rose. Code because the Lancaster family took the throne, the final two family war, but the war lasted for more than 30 years, then two family decided to reconciliation, in honor of the war, rose to national flower of England, and change the royal emblem to red and white roses. If you look at the CARDS carefully, will find ginny is roses in his hand, the design also is a symbol of peace. Athena, how much could you heard of some, she is in charge of the goddess of wisdom and the justice of the war in Greek mythology. Athena is one of the Greek Olympus twelve the Lord god, it is also one of three places goddess Olympus. Noble character, is also the four the queen's the only one with a weapon in the portrait. Judith is the bible & middot; Old testament characters, it is the beauty of the ancient Hebrew widows, the army of Assyria invaded the Hebrew region, she cut the water of the city of Bethulia, and seduce the Assyrian general Horace mann fiennes ( Holofemes) , while the drunk was sleeping, killed in camp and cut off the head of the army of Assyria, frightened runs and thus saved Bethulia. Rachel was first appeared in the bible, she is a hardworking, beautiful and enjoy good love young woman. Because of the SINS of Jacob and become victim of her father Laban trick. Working with her husband for twenty years and had to endure polygamy because there was no child under all sorts of pain. When finally can go home with her husband, the husband is no longer slaves, soon died of dystocia.
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