You really will cut?

by:WJPC     2021-02-16
After you see in the title, will certainly to think: what is this so hard to cut, not is a deck of CARDS order is not good. Indeed, cut cut to almost everyone, but when we play CARDS at ordinary times did a cut cut only the simplest action, is not even the entry level, speaking of which, we will ask again: what? Grading don't cut? Yes, the cut is a very complex operation, I want to talk about today is cut flower. Cut flowers is fancy cut or fancy shuffle, is a new kind of art with cool, it can gives life and soul to ordinary card, make a mundane CARDS, dance in your fingers. Now more and more young people like the new play poker, and with the efforts and the cut flower lovers, cut flower has become now a fairly mature art form, and even on stage during the performance. In 2013, China's famous magician went on the stage of the Spring Festival gala show cut flowers, that god is a cut on its technical skill makes viewers dazzling, the scene of the audience shouted again. After that, we also know that the original cut can also like to play. Liu qian was actually playing in the spring night Pandora cut flowers, it is that is written by the magician Dan and Dave representative fancy cut, are comparatively high flower in the right order of operations. In fact, the cut flowers was originated from the magic show, but with the passage of time, slowly out from magic, became an independent art form. The magician cut the difficult of flowers used in magic show, is very novel and performance on the stage. Most people practice the cause of the cut flowers are seen in the video of the great god of ordinary cut can play so cool, oneself also can't help but want to try, when the first contact cut flowers, people are always confident, ambitious, but the reality is cruel, after tried to know cut flowers this thing, the price is too low too low, you can pay far greater than what you get. Want to play cut flowers, very simple, a deck of CARDS is ok, but want to play good cut flowers, really very difficult, even if you practice a gears may be or get out of, those who practiced for three years instead of five years is too much. So want to play good cut flowers, in addition to mastering skills, what is more important than the average man's patience and perseverance.
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