Your card is made of black core paper?

by:WJPC     2021-02-16
Black core paper, early development is the United States and Europe, the first is fair for the poker club entertainment Settings, ah long ago in most countries in the production of poker paper mostly, blue core paper or the core paper, these two kinds of material of these two kinds of the middle of the paper while the paper also has a sandwich layer, but because of science and technology developed laser penetration later science, can see from the back of the card through the base cloth card, in the production of these two kinds of paper at the time when technology level is relatively low, so a set of paper core density is larger, nor prevent penetration effect, and then a lot of poker paper manufacturing company has developed this black core paper, he set is flawless, today's poker club CARDS with paper is used in the macau black core paper. Black core paper paper card is a kind of new, environmentally friendly paper CARDS, is has a tendency to gradually replace PVC material card, its application is more cultural entertainment industry, such as games, audio-visual, etc. Its low cost, make the advantages of easy to use for the social from all walks of life widely accepted. Main is a bit of black core paper is: paper, black core sandwich can be pervious to light perspective, prevent cheating, maintain a fair and just, Las Vegas is the United States, the sands casino, myanmar Vegas casino other casino poker preferred material at home and abroad. At the same time 310 grams of black core paper weight are heavier, more comfortable, feel is relatively general poker on paper water resistance is stronger; Folding, good elasticity, not easy deformation. Black core paper paper is exquisite, smooth degree is much higher than ordinary paper, the effect of printing more clear. Casino poker imported black core paper, first-class poker production process, is the current domestic inside and outside the top CARDS, both from the texture and feel to the players bring brand-new experience.
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